Deck Cleaning and



One of the most common phrases we hear from our deck cleaning customers after a treatment is performed is,"Wow, It looks new!". That is our goal here at The Deck Doctor, to restore each deck to its newest possible appearance. Each deck is different, and multiple cleaning processes are available to achieve our goal. 
​A two step cleaning process using a balanced concentration of wood cleaner and conditioners can remove contaminants from the deck, including most or all remaining semi-transparent oil based stains, and restore the wood's natural color with a wood brightener that neutralizes the pH of your deck reversing the greying the sun has caused. The deck is then in its best possible condition to receive the next treatment, sealing or staining, further ensuring the longest possible protection of your deck against the harsh effects of our North Carolina climate!
With 30 degree temperature swings between day and night on an average day in Raleigh, and frequent swings from high humidity to intense heat, your deck is facing conditions that damage wood the fastest. These temperatures and humidity levels also provide conditions that allow for mold and algae growth at a faster rate than the regions to our north and south! Once your deck has been cleaned and is ready for treatment, we offer various products to help it withstand the elements. We provide a brochure with your estimate of a wide variety of stain options/colors, as well as having samples on stained boards for you to see. From oil and acrylic semi-transparent stains to highlight the wood's beautiful grain, or solid color stains to fill larger cracks on a weathered deck,multiple options are available. We guarantee high-quality services for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work,and you'll agree that we're the best choice for your power washing project project.